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Matt & Summer
We're just two farmers who like soil-grown, sunshine-fed fresh produce and herbs. We think the freshest seasonal foods are more than just delicious - they also make the best medicine.

We started farming in 2016 after Matt earned his Bachelor of Science in Horticulture. What began as a 1/3 of an acre backyard microfarm in South St. Louis developed into a 5 acre collaborative operation, and has now evolved to an 80-acre homestead. We strive to produce a diverse and interesting range of high-quality produce by working in harmony with the ecology of the land. We never use synthetic fertilizers or destructive pesticides that could jeopardize the health of our soil and our customers. We instead rely on creative solutions based on optimizing plant health through the soil, permaculture practices, encouraging natural predation, and modern farming tools & innovations such as insect netting. We take a holistic, ecological approach to the farm, always trying to view our decisions through the lens of the system as a whole. 


 ironwood earthworks permaculture herbal medicine herbalism 

The Ironwood Earthworks Project

The ironwood tree is not particularly remarkable - most people are likely to pass right by it on their busy way. Ironwood grows slowly, taking its handsome time to knit together steely branches out of loamy earth and the shade of maple trees. It's flowers are demure, visited only by the most discerning of butterflies and the broad strokes of a late-spring breeze. Although the wood is incredibly strong, the tree grows slowly enough to avoid the hurried production lines of industry, preferring instead to furnish the local craftsman with tool handles and a sturdy floor for his home.

Like the ironwood, we believe that the best materials and ingredients in life don't have to come from distant, exotic lands. Oftentimes, the perfect ally for whatever ailment or puzzle you're faced with is growing right in your backyard, hiding in plain sight among the dogwoods and oak trees.

Our mission at Ironwood Earthworks is to forge a relationship between people, plants and planet. We are horticulturists, botanists, herbalists, music-makers, tea-drinkers, life-long learners and lucid dreamers: through the science and magic of plants, we find that it's possible to develop a more regenerative approach to being human on the Earth. Through wholesome food, natural medicine, careful attention, and an open heart we aim to build a lasting relationship with the land that encourages abundance. We draw upon permaculture, biodynamics, contemporary agroecology and ancestral ecological wisdom to produce food, medicine and an artful understanding that is beyond organic and restorative to the body, mind, spirit, and to the Earth. We learn and grow every day - Ironwood teaches us that good things are built with time.

Come visit us at a local farmer's market, explore our line of sustainably-produced botanicals, check out our seasonal subscription programs, and contact us with any curious questions that may be burning in you. Above all, go where your heart leads and be well.